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Excellon Software is renowned for its cutting-edge yet simple-to-use Cloud-based Sales, Distribution, Service and dealer management system since its inception in 2000.

At Excellon, work is fun, with scope to experiment, learn, make mistakes, fall flat, yet in the end, produce results. We are a well-structured organization that believes in collaborative efforts more than just titles. Our culture is not just about the informal attire that we wear, nor about the fun that goes unnoticed. Instead, it is an interesting mash-up of passion and drive that’s difficult to define, but easy to spot. Above all, it is intellectual stimulation combined with enthusiasm that flows across our organization.

Simply put, you can be assured of getting your hands-on Gen-Y software products, work-life balance and growth opportunities.

Excellon welcomes diversity in thought, culture and style. You’ll feel comfortable at Excellon knowing that there’s room for your individuality, and that your unique skills are valued as we provide a solid foundation for career growth.

If you have the zeal and talent to work with us, but didn’t find any of the below positions fitting, we would love to have you onboard if you can convince us how you would fit in at the Excellon culture. Mail us at careers@excellonsoft.com

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